Yes, yes, I know. Starting a website is basically one big egotistical statement. “Hey, world! I have absolutely brilliant thoughts and you can’t possibly exist without hearing them! Well…yes, I suppose you could survive without my clever observations, but you certainly couldn’t thrive.”

Given that unattractive reality, you may find it incredibly difficult to believe, but truly, my ego is about knee-high to a grasshopper. Still, I enjoy writing and have been told more than once that it’s worth reading. (Although, come to think of it, “more than once” is a rather unimpressive thing to say, isn’t it? I mean, twice is “more than once” and that isn’t really much of an accomplishment.) Whether it was an email, a short story, or my travel journal blathering (more on that later), my readers laughed (not at me, they assured), and asked for more. I wasn’t fishing for compliments—really! They told me of their own accord. The fact that I was holding their cats and dogs hostage had absolutely nothing to do with their gushing praise. I hope you will enjoy my pieces as well and I promise, if you don’t, I won’t abduct your furry friend to attempt to change your mind. If you are looking for light hearted humour or slightly tilted humour, there should be something here for you.


Some of my writing is of a more serious nature based on difficult times I have survived. I finally had the gumption to escape one particularly awful situation and only a few months later, life has changed incredibly. I went back to my website and read some of my old posts and was rather startled to discover that they no longer made any sense to me. I couldn’t relate to that person at all and frankly, wanted to say to her, “Stop snivelling, pick yourself up and LEAVE.” I’m astonished it took me so long to do so. I did leave in “Perplexed but Not Despairing” because making a decision like that is not easy, even if it is ‘simple.’ I’m also leaving in “Gaslighting” for any of you out there that are in the middle of it. You probably don’t know you are. You only know that you are miserable, confused, and feel that you must be going mad. If that sounds familiar, read it and if the shoe fits, for heaven’s sake put it on (and your other shoe as well) and GET OUT before it gets worse. Trust me, it doesn’t get better.