I have completely neglected my website, obviously. At first that was because I was busy writing a novel and reestablishing myself in a new life. I began to attend writing conferences which shall remain nameless, although I will say it was a Christian organization. At first these day conferences were inspiring and exciting. Then I went to their week-long conference and my dream of writing was ground into a bloody stain. I can’t quite explain why or how, only that I wasn’t the only one. My mom knows another writer who attended and that lady confessed that when she got home she cried. I had absolutely no interest in going anywhere near my computer for months.

I’ve only now begun to write again, but it came to me rather sideways. I will be changing my website somewhat to include a new focus. To be brief, I began to pay attention to what was going on in the political sphere and this expanded to watching what’s happening to our brothers and sisters across the pond. I watched videos on Youtube as I went about my day. (My work is manual so I can listen and think about bigger ideas while I work.) I started to reply to comments and in that strange way, began writing.

I believe there is an urgent message to get out to people, especially Christians. I will go into this more. But the events of the book of Revelation may be unfolding before us, yet not before our very eyes–our eyes are glazed over and we’re not seeing it. But it’s there, “hidden in plain sight.” While the wheels of history will eventually drive us to that end, perhaps we can buy a little more time? If enough people wake up and raise their voices, can we halt the process? Can we at least pause or slow it down? God does not count slowness as we do. The more time people have, the more can come to Him. The powers of darkness would love to have life and freedom stripped away suddenly, sweeping many souls into eternal separation from God.

Shouldn’t we at least try?